Taking a Break

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Last night I went out on a real date with my hubby. No kids allowed kind of date at a nice restaurant with a waitstaff and low lights. It was heaven. I haven’t been able to get out for more than 2 hours of “me” time in a long while. I have a kiddo that [...]

Living in the Past

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Today I was filled with love as I was looking at my two year old boy. He talked me into letting him into the front courtyard to get something. He had just gotten out of the shower and was dawning his typical birthday suit. I reminded him to be quick because we have a rule [...]

An Eye for an Eye… Really?

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“Bite him back!” This is something I have heard many people say as a parent and a former teacher.  It is especially present when there is a two year old in the house.  I understand that this is an easy solution to the problem at hand but I wonder, what is it really teaching our [...]

Bring in the Mommy Subs

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When I was teaching I always thought they should have a TA or a substitute teacher on the stand by for anyone who was having a really bad attitude day. This would protect everyone and keep the world a much happier place. As a parent, I have the same thought! The past day or so [...]

Creating the Tantruming Twos

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Today I was at the store with my kiddos who insisted on getting some chicken to snack on while I shopped. I gave into it thinking it would make things easier for me to get through the store with two young children. I made the mistake however, of giving the chicken to the two year [...]

New Year and New Parenting Goals:

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As the New Year approaches so do the opportunities for growth, transformation and intentional parenting. This New Year’s Eve is a great time to take stock of the past year and see what is working and what isn’t. It is time to create a new plan and a family vision. My goal this year will [...]

Self-Observation in Parenting

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I can see how as a parent it is important for me to look at myself uncritically, observe myself without malice or contempt and see what I can do to improve upon my parenting skills.  I have noticed my unwillingness to look at who I am being with them rather than reacting from the mechanical [...]

Educating Consciously…

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Daily Temptations

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It may not be daily but those temptations to do what is easy at the moment continue to pop up.  I was leaving for some much needed “Mommy Time” the other day and my hubby tried to distract our 1 year old while I snuck out the door.  He has been very mommy-centric lately so [...]

The Zen of Goal Keeping

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“Why set goals?  I just get disappointed and stressed out when I don’t meet them!”; “Well, this is just how it is!”.  I have heard this over and over again from myself and others.  The Zen of goal setting starts when I stop to reflect on my goals and why they are or are not [...]

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