Taking a Break

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Last night I went out on a real date with my hubby. No kids allowed kind of date at a nice restaurant with a waitstaff and low lights. It was heaven. I haven’t been able to get out for more than 2 hours of “me” time in a long while. I have a kiddo that [...]

Food for Thought…

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Food can be a challenge with kids in general; finding a good balanced diet, getting food prepared and ready when life is busy and sometimes chaotic, even trying to get a child to eat can sometimes be challenging. What do you do when your child can’t eat certain foods? How do you handle play dates, [...]

Daily Temptations

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It may not be daily but those temptations to do what is easy at the moment continue to pop up.  I was leaving for some much needed “Mommy Time” the other day and my hubby tried to distract our 1 year old while I snuck out the door.  He has been very mommy-centric lately so [...]

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