What’s the Rule?

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A great friend just reminded me of the 3 to 1 rule and I realized I have been on the 1 to 3 rule lately. What is the 3 to 1 rule? It translates to 3 positive comments to 1 negative. Lately, it seems, I have been re-enforcing my two year old’s negative behaviors by [...]

Self-Observation in Parenting

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I can see how as a parent it is important for me to look at myself uncritically, observe myself without malice or contempt and see what I can do to improve upon my parenting skills.  I have noticed my unwillingness to look at who I am being with them rather than reacting from the mechanical [...]

Creating Peace on Earth…

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    This morning on Good Morning America, one news story discussed a new study looking at the effects of parental fighting on children.  The results reported that completing the argument and resolving it in front of the kids was less stressful to the children than stopping the argument and continuing it away from them.  In [...]

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