Picture this, candy cane reindeer to be made, teacher gifts to create, cookies to bake and only a few hours until bed time. We sit down to make the reindeer and who ends up making them? Yep, that is right, me. What? Yep, I felt short on time and took over the project. What does this tell my kids about their ability to create something. Hmm… not anything good I’m afraid. So, my good intention to have them make gifts for others went down the drain and resulted in me undermining their abilities.
Luckily I did better on the teacher gifts. I did pre-prep the gifts but I actually refused to help and resisted the urge to fix anything. It was a true gift to me, my kiddo and the teacher. He was able to feel good about himself and his project and his teacher was able to receive a home-made gift she can always have or remember. I was able to empower my child and feel good about empowering him.
The moral of the story; plan ahead, give the kids and myself more than three hours to get a project done. Find a project the kids can really help with or do and give them the space to do it. Take a deep breath when feeling rushed and remember it is about empowering them to be thoughtful and persistent.
Who did the cookies? Well, that was me too but I did remember to let the kids cut them out of the dough. They were asleep for the decorating.
Happy Holidays!