So here we are again, the holiday season is upon us and I am madly working to make a “perfect” memory for my boys. Ahhh… What am I doing? The “perfect” memory is already turning into mom leaving them with a sitter while she runs to the store or searches madly online for the best price toy. Back up… deep breathes. Time to make a list. What do I truly want from this holiday season 2011? What do I truly want the end of the year to look like and what will truly be “perfect” for my family?
A mom that isn’t completely stressed out would be a great start. A mom that is present and available would also be a good call. There is a part of me that wants to have it all bought, baked, sent and decorated. I will honor that piece of me by breaking out the calendar and making a plan. A do-able plan that allows time to drink hot chocolate, decorate the tree as a family and much more. I will honor the fun of the season and the gift of being present by scheduling down-time and time to have fun. I am committed to my family and living my life, not the life of the TV commercials and made for television movies. This is our time to be together and to enjoy each other. This is the time to celebrate with friends and relax by the fire. For me and my family remembering this would help to create the “perfect” holiday.