I just had my oldest son tested for a school program. The rub was that I knew the test would show all and any learning disabilities as well as his strengths. It was so nerve racking after Homeschooling him for the last several months and knowing that they would find a deficit in some areas. As a former teacher, I know that getting a child tested at an early age is one of the best things you can do for them in the long run. The younger you discover any learning differences or issues, the more intervention is possible. It is simple brain development. The brain is more playable at a younger age and therefore the interventions will work well. It is also a factor for a child’s self-esteem and confidence, armed with information, his caregivers and educators can help him rather than become frustrated.
So, here I was on the other end of the rope. Now I am the parent and this was my kid we were looking at up close and personal. Deep Breath. Several friends will tell you, I became a basket-case. It took a week to get results and even then the Therapist waited until halfway through the hour to tell me the good news. His results were exactly what I had suspected plus one I didn’t expect. Now I have a game plan and a plan of action. Now I know where to start and what type of school environment will be best for my particular child.