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Taking Care of Me?

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I find myself compulsively taking care of my email, my club duties, my FB account, my blogs and I wonder if this is just another addiction that keeps me from truly connecting with my family and my friends. Is this taking care of me or is this a way to avoid them? I would venture [...]

Bring in the Mommy Subs

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When I was teaching I always thought they should have a TA or a substitute teacher on the stand by for anyone who was having a really bad attitude day. This would protect everyone and keep the world a much happier place. As a parent, I have the same thought! The past day or so [...]

The Red Dump Truck

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I had a great opportunity last week to look at my reluctance to trust, to see my jaded view of the world. I was at Lowe’s grabbing some leaf bags when an elderly man approached my youngest son and started patting him gently. He was laughing and smiling and told him that he had a [...]

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