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Creating Peace on Earth…

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    This morning on Good Morning America, one news story discussed a new study looking at the effects of parental fighting on children.  The results reported that completing the argument and resolving it in front of the kids was less stressful to the children than stopping the argument and continuing it away from them.  In [...]

Bringing Intention and Purpose to the Holidays

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One way I plan on bringing intention and purpose to my families celebrations this season is by adding the tradition of a Holiday Letter.  We will each decorate a keepsake box that we will place a letter in regarding our feelings for the other person.  The boxes will stay with the Christmas decorations and come [...]


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Originally my intention was to write about being a parent using positive behavior management techniques.  Then I set out to work on Conscious Parenting.  Now I am in a space where I realize that working on my parenting skills means working on me as a person.  Who Am I?  What is this all about and [...]

I am an Onion

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I Am an Onion If there is one thing I have learned in life, it is that “I Am an Onion”!  There are so many layers to peel and the only answer is that there is no answer.  I now know that I will be peeling for the rest of my life and I embrace [...]

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